The Irish Sangha Trust (IST) was established in 2011 to support and foster teaching and meditation practice in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in Ireland. The Irish Sangha Trust is non-profit Buddhist organization, entirely dependent on the generosity of the public for voluntary donations.

Our annual schedule includes regular workshops, retreats and meditation sittings. Events are open to everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. We welcome you to join our spiritual friends network and experience the profound benefits of meditation practice.

Evening Talk with Ayya Vimala "Introducing SuttaCentral: Early Buddhist Texts, Translations and Parallels"

Thursday, October 25th

We are delighted to invite you to an evening talk with Venerable Vimala from Tilorien Monastery (Belgium). She will introduce us to SuttaCentral, a vast project dedicated to the Early Buddhist Texts, their translations and parallels.

In their own words, "The wisdom of the Buddha has been preserved in a vast ocean of ancient texts. Many of these scriptures have now been translated into the world’s languages. SuttaCentral brings these together and makes them freely available. Setting aside the boundaries of language and tradition, we let the Buddha speak for himself."

Ayya Vimala has been a core contributor to the project during the last few years, working alongside Bhante Sujato and a team of developers in order to launch a revised version of the SuttaCentral website that includes a set of visionary features that make these texts accessible to everyone in the world for free and will also probably place SuttaCentral at the forefront of Early Buddhism academic research in the coming years.

Venerable Vimala will introduce us to what are the Early Buddhist Texts and the history, content and functionalities of the SuttaCentral website. The talk will be followed by a Q&A and informal discussions around a cup of tea at the end.

We are looking forward to welcome you at this lecture. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Venue: The Psychological Society of Ireland, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8, D08 W8HD Map

Date: Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Time & Schedule: 7-9pm

  • 7:00pm Welcome & Talk
  • 8:00pm Q&A
  • 8:30pm Tea
  • 9:00pm End

Useful links:
SuttaCentral Introductory Video (2’)
Bhante Sujato interview about SuttaCentral - The Spirit of things (53’52")
SuttaCentral website
SuttaCentral forum

Venerable Vimala

Venerable Vimala is a Dutch Buddhist monastic in the Thai Forest tradition and currently founding a Bhikkhuni monastery in Belgium. Initially trained in Anenja Vihara in Germany and in Santi Forest Monastery in Australia, she met the well-known teacher Bhante Sujato and worked together with him to establish the website SuttaCentral in order to spread the Buddhist teachings to a wider audience.














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